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I just love celebrating women! In my book, everyday is women’s day but I do also enjoy bringing out some extra bubbles every August to celebrate the achievements of all the women we know.

I am regularly astounded and inspired by the wisdom and the difference so many women are making, especially here in South Africa.

My list would be endless with these amazing women but today I want to celebrate three women I have gotten to know personally, from three different generations with a common goal and love for mind-body wellness, beautiful souls and leaders and inspirations in their industries.

They also happen to come from my little home town of Port Elizabeth – which makes it even more special in celebrating each of their achievements and learning a little more about what they do on a daily basis, some wellness tips and insights into their lives.

Bianca Bosch from The Kissing Booth

I first met this local beauty through her equally beautiful mom, Kay many years ago in my pilates class. Now I look at all my friends daughters (and my boys!!) with their eyes peeled to the screen watching the original Netflix hit film, The Kissing Booth – which is the most rewatched movie of 2018! to see their favourite star – a real beauty on the inside and out.

I can’t start my morning without……… Coffee!!!

Latest wellness obsession…….. DoTerra oils

Morning routine.…….. Pilates, probiotics and a green juice (but first coffee)

Wine or cocktail……… COCKTAIL 100%

Current favourite product on the market.………Jade Roller

My skincare philosophy………. Lots of water + a dairy, gluten and sugar free diet + Zein Obagi skincare = WINNING x

Style/design trent you are most excited about……. Love that wearing tracksuits or baggy comfortable clothes are now seen as a fashion statement.

Morning or evening person………. Evening definitely

What advise would you give young girls……….. Hold onto that childlike love and confidence you have for yourself forever.

Who is your style icon……… Kourney Kardashian because she is as short as me!!

Healthiest daily habit……..I have a green juice everyday

Something in my closet I will own forever……..My Rolex 

What does women’s day mean to you…………..It’s a reminder to not take our freedom for granted. That we as women have the right to an opinion and for our voices to be heard, so use it! Because you are worth it and your opinion matters. Women’s day celebrates what an incredible species we are, just for being us.

Beside acting, what other projects do you have on the go.………..On the side line I have recently started a portable lighting business, called MOODMAKERS . I find the energy of a room should inspire a sense of calm so that I can feel my best…And, hey, who doesn’t want to be caught in their best light?

Sue King from VitagirlSA

Sue is the founder of VitagirlSA, we met during her second pregnancy also in my pilates classes and I am so blessed that our paths have crossed. She has a clear vision for her business and is on a journey to create a space of love, support and encouragement within the community of VitagirlSA.  Her mission is to build a one stop online health and wellness shop for South Africans to enjoy while also being part of a community where they feel safe and comfortable to share experiences, findings and just day to day chats. 

Daily winter uniform……… Jeans and a chunky knit or loungewear 

Best wellness tip……….. Drink water, eat the rainbow, move your body and look after your skin.

Advice you would give a new mom……….. Do what works for YOU and your baby because I promise in the dark hours of the morning no one else is bothered anyway. Be kind to yourself, take some time to be and regroup and just take day by day, perfection doesn’t exist. Drop expectations and the whole journey is that much easier and more enjoyable. A happy mama is always a better mama.

Daily skincare routine………. ooooh my favourite.
Mornings, I use Glow AHA tonic by REN, then I apply my hydration serum by, followed by Skin ceuticals CE FERULIC, a potent vitamin C. A light moisturiser and ALWAYS heliocare SPF 50.
Evenings, I love active ingredients so will either use a glycolic 10, active serum or retinol followed by a divine rich moisturizer. 

Wine or cocktail……..Are you kidding? Always wine!

Morning or evening person……Morning for sure. I’m a sucker for a sunrise and those peaceful early mornings before the bustle of life starts. 

Summer or winter……….Summer. Summer. Summer. I am all for vitamin sea, bronzed skin and sandy toes.

Current mantra……Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

What does women’s day mean to you………..  Standing together, supporting one another and celebrating each other brings such brightness and ignites a flame to spark off success and happiness.  I have ALWAYS been a firm supporter of my fellow girls and other women doing things they excel in, are passionate about and their victories, whether small or big. Since establishing VitagirlSA my eyes have widened SO much seeing the immense encouragement and belief for other women and their wonderful creations. I love this so much. I believe if you believe not only in yourself, but in other women ( and speak and show this) that potential is multiplied in all spheres.

Lisa Palmer from The Movement Lab

Lisa is the like the mom of pilates in South Africa – she was the first STOTT PILATES instructor trainer and licensed training centre in South Africa.  She has been an integral part of the Merrithew Health & Fitness team since 2004 and has travelled abroad and studied extensively in Toronto, London and Spain to share her knowledge with the South African market.

Together with her daughter Jess they have created the most amazing brand around their studio – The Movement Lab based in Cape Town.

My alarm is set for ……….work schedule dependent and this varies but I never set an alarm over weekends if I am not working

Breakfast is normally………. very late in the morning, I currently have coffee, a vegan protein shake and a banana or two with a handful of vitamins to kick start my day, and only eat later around 11am

Current inspirations.………. Can I say my daughter Jess? (most definitely – i love that x) Very proud of how she has helped me grow this business and especially during these challenging last few months. And the women that have put in the time and effort to assist those less fortunate and homeless during this Covid-19 pandemic – Ladles of Love, Gift of the Givers to name a few, and then Oscars Arc for the loving way they help homeless dogs find families

Best wellness tip……….. the presence of animals in my life, lots of exercise, fresh air, long walks, being in nature, swimming in the sea, cold showers (Wim Hof method and it’s health benefits), predominantly vegetarian food preference

Wine or cocktail…….. wine!

My current mantra……… be kind and thoughtful to those less fortunate …  emapthy and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Morning or evening person……love a sleep in but love my energy levels in the morning and love evenings for the down time with my family and loved ones.

My skincare philosophy………..very simple products, but I am an avid exfoliator!! And I clean thoroughly every night, never go to sleep with makeup on

Favourite splurge…… favorite body oils, massages, I’m not a big clothing shopper so that would be a splurge for me

Looking back, what advice would you give your younger self.……… don’t sweat the small stuff 

Your style in three words … simple, casual and natural at the moment, just veered that way during lockdown and it has stayed

Secret wellness tip…  no secret to tell really, but live life with love in your heart and above all, forgiveness … I try to let things go, I forgive and try to not harbor any resentment in my heart.  Also, be playful and to not take things too seriously 

What does women’s day mean to you … a celebration of all, not only powerful women out there (and there are many) but especially to those that have risen despite great adversity and with integrity. 

Have a wonderful Women’s Day, it’s so important to remember to celebrate all the little things too – constantly learning, evolving, celebrating and encouraging each other.

x donah

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