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Our blends of loose-leaf herbal teas are formulated with just plants - no added sweeteners, flavours or additives - and are hand-blended in small batches. The highest quality herbs and botanicals have been sourced and used in every Wellness Blend.

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Our Story

The Wellness Blend came to life as a true extension of my journey over the past 20 years in women's health. Now, sharing my blends and seeing the shift and changes in others gives me the ultimate fulfilment.

What makes The Wellness Blend different is our use of whole herbal parts; including the leaves, fruit, seeds and flowers, ensuring they keep their quality characteristics and receive the least possible treatment after their harvest. That way, as you brew them, they release their rich odours and flavours to the fullest.

The lifestyle blends are formulated for a range of therapeutic purposes from sleep, digestion, skin hydration, menopause, detox, post-pregnancy and immunity.

The Wellness Blend was created to provide a moment of stillness in your day, making loose leaf tea your new favourite daily ritual.

From the moment you prepare your cup to sipping, to the shift you'll carry throughout the day - I know you will feel the benefits.