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Testing for an abdominal separation

Before we test your abdominal separation please remember that it is completely normal to have some sort of separation or stretching of the linea alba after birth – we never test before 3-4 weeks post partum as your body is still healing and your muscle will still be stretched.

An abdominal separation over a 2 finger space is called a Diastisis Recti – meaning that the integrity within your rectus abdominal muscles (six-pack muscles) from the outside as well as from the inside still needs to reknit from the deep underlying abdominal muscles before returning to regular core exercises. 

The worst mistake new moms make is to rush this period and go straight back into flexion exercises like crunches, we don’t want the recti muscles to begin to tighten before you have closed the gap between the two muscles.

If you have a muscle separation that is wider than 2 fingers then I would advice to start with very gentle abdominal exercises, learning to connect your deep core muscles that include your pelvic floor, transverse abdominals and diaphragm.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

x donah