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Summer smoothie


Summer pineapple smoothie
Summer pineapple smoothie
Summer is just around the corner and our spring smoothie is full of nature’s goodness to help hydrate your body, take away any bloating and balance your body from within.

Kelly LeVeque is a is a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert based in LA, she has developed what she calls the FAB FOUR smoothie formula that incorporates the perfect balance of PROTEIN, FAT, GREENS & FIBER (with added fruit if needed) – I always need a bit of fruit in my smoothie.

I have created our spring smoothie using Kelly’s fab four formula, giving your the perfect balance of protein, fat, greens and fiber to balance your blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer.

Pineapple is our summer superfood and great for digestion. Pineapples contains Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, which helps digest protein and speed up our digestion and reduce bloating.  Collagen protein powder and hemp milk gives you your protein and the fats come from the avocado or nut butter.  Your fibrous leafy baby spinach and cucumber are your greens, cucumber is high in antioxidants and also a diuretic to prevent puffiness and help with circulation through the body.  With this great formula, you will be ready for summer before you know it xx



Blend all together and enjoy x

You can adjust any of the ingredients to your taste, if you prefer a thicker smoothie then add 1/2 avocado, for a sweeter smoothie add 1/4 frozen banana and don’t forget to freeze your pineapple to make your smoothie cold and delicious

Image credits: Sam Houghton