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Realigning foam roller sequences

We include the foam roller in our classes as it’s the ideal tool to help you heal and hydrate your fascia – fasica is the body’s protective layer of connective tissue that wraps around the entire body and every individual muscle and organ.  It also connects our muscles to the joints and bones

Every day we find ourselves being sedentary, slouching at a computer, bad posture, poor body maintenance and sitting for most of our day which causes our fascia to bunch and knot, impeding movement and creating pain and stiffness. 

Foam rolling is wonderful in that it manipulates the fascia, helping to relieve tension and wring out toxins and scar tissue that builds up in the fascia.  

It also helps to oxygenate the blood, ‘lubricating’ the joints and reducing inflammation in the body, all while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Rolling can help improve the connection to our core muscles which tend to lose connectivity as we age and it helps to flush the lymphatic system.

As you roll, remember to connect your breath to every movement and feel your spine realigning, your fascia releasing and your body creating balance from within.”