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Why do we release the fascia?

In the postnatal series the fascia release is an important part of the recovery process – it helps to oxygenate the blood, reducing inflammation around the core area and begins to break down any scar tissue that builds up in the fascia.

In this series we use the foam roller to help release and roll out the fascia allowing it to heal and hydrate.

Fascia is the body’s protective layer of connective tissue that wraps around the entire body and every individual muscle and organ.  It also connects our muscles to the joints and bones

Our bodies change so much after the nine months of pregnancy and birth that realigning the body through fascia release, the correct breathing and deep core connection brings our body back into balance – allowing us to release any bunched up areas that impede our recovery and movement and create pain and stiffness.

When rolling out the fascia in the postnatal series, you roll from the side of the abdominals (your obliques) towards the linea alba that separates your two rectus abdominal parts.

How to roll the fascia around your deep core muscles
Releasing fascia post pregnancy

As you roll, remember to connect your breath to every movement and feel your spine realigning, your fascia releasing and your body creating balance from within.”