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Mini Bundles


Our mini bundles offer you 3 blends of your choice, giving you a taste of our tea blends.

Each mini bag gives you 10 servings. The full bundle of 3 teas = 30 servings

Please choose your 3 options below.

Digest Blend
a warming botanical blend that combines herbs that work together to promote a healthy digestion, reduce bloating and help bring our gut health into balance.
Glow Blend
a mineral packed botanical blend to hydrate the body on a deeper level and nourish our skin from within.
Nourish Blend
the blend curated specifically for women – the herbs chosen in this blend are nature’s hormonal balances and help with PMS, irregular periods, menopause and PCOS.
Tranquil Blend
a combination of herbs that work together to improve your sleep. It helps shift the nervous system into stillness before bed to allow your body and mind to rest deeply.
Restore Blend
our post-pregnancy blend of botanicals that will help restore the reproductive system following labour and delivery and nourish the new mom from within.
Glow Summer
a summer herbal iced tea that has all the same properties and herbs as our original Glow blend but now in an iced tea version with extra berries and summer botanicals.
Detox Day
a specialised blend to support digestion and provide a gentle shift in our detox organs
Detox Night
a specialised blend that will continue to detoxify your body overnight while setting you up for a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

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