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Postnatal Abdominal Recovery Series

Postnatal Abdominal Recovery Series

The postnatal abdominal recovery series will begin to rehabilitate and strengthen your body postpartum, teaching you how to heal diastasis recti ( a common post-pregnancy separation of the abdominals) and through proper alignment and biomechanics, help you safely reintroduce any form of fitness to your routine postpartum.

During each class you will be guided through movement and breathwork to restore your core connection, reconnect your deep abdominal muscles, improve posture and access deeper pelvic floor connection.

This series includes 8 classes - you will learn how to test for abdominal separation, how to reknit and heal your deep abdominal muscles through five foundational movements, fascia release and diaphragmatic breathing.

The Pilates-based movement series is beneficial for all moms, no matter the age of your child and can also be recommended for those recovering post-op from a hysterectomy.

You will need: a mat, 9” core ball and a foam roller.

Cost: R550 excluding the ball, or R740 including the ball*
* delivery of the core ball within South Africa only

Part of this series includes relevant articles and information that you can find at the bottom of this page.

Articles and Info

A little secret about your breathing…

The goal of breath work, especially postnatally is to allow your body to slow down, heal and reconnect – allowing yourself some “me-time” so that we can deal with the hours of no sleep and also allow our bodies to begin to heal.

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Why do we release the fascia?

In the postnatal series the fascia release is an important part of the recovery process – it helps to oxygenate the blood, reducing inflammation around the core area and begins to break down any scar tissue that builds up in the fascia.

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Intuitive movement in the postnatal series

Intuitive movement is about listening to your body, understanding what it needs in that moment, and adjusting your workout accordingly—in other words, it’s about tapping into your intuition..

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Dry body brushing

Body brushing & our lymphatic system

Body brushing is one of those practises you always hear about, maybe something you have tried or thought of trying! […]

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