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Post-Run Recovery Smoothie

There are so many amazing women we know that are training for marathons, half-marathons, iron-man, two-oceans, comrades and so many more and we dedicate this smoothie to all of you.


The combination of maca, coconut water, chia seeds and almond butter offers your body a full nutritional recovery post-training.

Maca is a medicinal root and considered one of the world’s superfoods.  It is a powerful energy, mood and stamina booster and aids in balancing of hormone levels in the body.  Chia seeds are high in omega’s and help your body maintain a hydrated state for hours and is a great source of protein and the coconut water helps to replace electrolytes.

 Blend away and enjoy this powerhouse of a smoothie x

Post-Run Recovery Smoothie

Makes 2 servings

2         –  frozen banana’s (frozen banana’s give your smoothie a more creamy taste or just add ice at the end)
4 T     –  almond butter
2 T     –  chia seeds
2 t      –  maca*
1 t      –  cinnamon
1 c      –  almond milk (homemade almond milk recipe attached)
1/2 c  –  coconut water

* pregnant or nursing moms should consult with their doctor before consuming maca

Post run smoothie Post run smoothie

Happy little kiddies finishing off the left overs!!


Video & Photo Credit:  Sam Houghton