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How to make Matcha Tea



(Enjoy our latest video on how to make your own Match Tea at home)

There is always something new in the wellness world but Matcha has been around for centuries and been part of the Japanese tea ceremonies.

Matcha delivers all the benefits of brewed green tea but in a more concentrated form that can transform you and your smoothie into a nutritional powerhouse!

Here is how you can make a cup for yourself:

  1. Always make sure you choose the best premium matcha tea
  2. Measure 1-2 teaspoons
  3. Using a bamboo whisk, sift your powder gently (if you don’t have a bamboo whisk sift it though your regular sieve)
  4. Add slightly cooled hot water (not boiling)
  5. and whisk away…. until you get tiny bubbles that form
Enjoy this very special, ceremonial moment and feel the magic that matcha can give you.


Video credit:  Sam Houghton