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When I find a wellness brand that resonates with me, I always love digging a little deeper and finding out what makes them who they are and what “living well” means to them.

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Kauai smoothies

Nerissa Walton is a franchise owner of Kauai, she is a stylish, eco-chic chick that lives her brand.  She is sharing some of her wellness habits that keep her daily life balanced, sane and in-synch with running her life and businesses and also some of her favourite Kauai choices.

My morning routine involves:

Mornings are always a little bit frantic, after finding my reading glasses and fluffy slippers I head to the kitchen and enjoy a mug of warm water and apple cider vinegar before my morning coffee.

What I love most about summer:

I am more a winter baby but summer is all about early sun rises and hearing the chatter of the geese before everyone else is up.  I also love the vibe of everyone getting their summer bodies into gear and all the activity and buzz around town.

I can’t live without:

Definitely licorice

My daily supplements:

I don’t usually remember to take supplements so I try get my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat.

Healthy tips I really believe in:

I am a complete believer in balance and not dieting.  These are the healthy tips I like to live by:

  1. Choosing foods in their most natural state – a healthy outside starts from the inside.
  2. I eat every few hours to try and avoid cravings.  When I skip meals I always tend to overeat later in the day and crave sugar.
  3. I make an effort to educate myself on nutrition and what i am putting into my body.
  4. I like to add a superfood to every meal
  5. If my body is feeling dehydrated or I know I have had too many glasses of bubbly then I add coconut water to my smoothie to help hydrate.

Kauai is a brand I resonate with personally:

At KAUAI we are passionate about health and wellbeing and we promise to deliver nothing but the very best in food and nutrition. Serving the best quality seasonal ingredients means we bring to our customers real food that is, where possible, free of GMO’s and has no additives, preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourants.

The brand is progressive and ahead of its time and it resonates with me as I believe that health should be a lifestyle choice, nutritious and delicious.  Most people associate health with bland food which  couldn’t be further from the truth.  I believe that there must be balance in every part of what we do in life and KAUAI is all about that.  It also makes eating balanced and healthy meals accessible to everyone.

My favourite “Go-To” smoothie:

I like to vary my ‘go-to’ smoothies to how i am feeling, everyday is different.  My staple at Kauai is the Flu Shot which has ginger to boost my immune and the cayenne pepper and lemon juice for anti-inflammatory benefits and fab for detox.

As a meal replacement I go for the Cinnabomb (the whey protein is from grass fed cows and the coconut water is great for hydration and weight loss) or Nut Milk (contains coconut water and coconut milk, cashew and macadamia nut butter that contains protein and good fats which help keep you full longer)

If I am needing a pick me up I love the Acai me ( the acai and goji berries give you an energy boost)

To satisfy my sugar cravings I would rather have one of our decadent smoothies like the Peanut butter bomb which has sugar free peanut butter and cacao (cocao is not cocoa, it’s natural chocolate which helps remove toxins from the body and good for mental wellbeing.)

Coffee date is another great option, it tastes like iced coffee and the dates which contain B6 are good for your heart and your brain, add the sweetness.

If I could personally pick something off the menu for each client i would choose:

For the man who is hungry

  • The Real Kahuna wrap – steak, ago, rosa tomato, greens, cucumber, mint and yogurt dressing
  • Lexi bowl – grilled steak, brown rice & quinoa, salsa, rocket, corn, jalapeño, multigrain tortilla chips, lemon olive oil

Girls lunch

  • Share a salad and a wrap – low carb wrap of course!
  • Thai crunch salad with dressing on the side
  • Harvest wrap

Weight loss

  • Substitute regular milk with Almond milk in your cappuccino’s
  • Acai me smoothie – Acai (ah-sigh-berries) which are good for skin and aids in weight loss
  • Whole food green/orange – contains coconut water

Teens & Tweens

Kauai has launched a kids menu to allow kids to enjoy tasty, healthy food that has no artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

There is also no added sugar in our smoothies and all our chicken is free range.

You can also view the Nutritional values of all Kauai products.


Kauai smoothies

Image credits:

Profile photo’s (Nerissa) – Taryn Owen 

Smoothie photo’s – David Dettmann photography