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Intuitive mat flow classes

In our regular series of classes we encourage our clients to use their intuition and listen to their body and how it feels in every moment that they do in every class.

But what is intuitive exercise? – It is about listening to your body, understanding what it needs in that moment, and adjusting your workout accordingly—in other words, it’s about tapping into your intuition, both body and mind, and moving in a way that feels good and supports you on all levels.  

When you exercise intuitively, you’re moving your body in a healthy, respectful way with less injury but more strength and stamina in a safe way.

During the class our movements allow you to modify the intensity or pressure of the exercise on your body. The magic happens when you can embrace both options: pushing ourselves in our workouts when our body is ready for it, and pulling back when our body is telling us something’s not right. 

Learning to exercise with intuition allows you to discover the joy in movement, where exercise becomes a deeply rewarding experience – something to look forward to – rather than a chore.

All our classes in the mat flow series takes you through an intuitive flow of lengthening and strengthening of the core muscles that support your body – from your abdominals to all your postural muscles including the lats, hamstrings, glutes and your chest.

“You can combine any of the classes to create a mat flow that suits how your body feels on that day….. all of the options will give you strength conditioning from the inside out.”

Enjoy xx

  1. Alasia Moumtzis

    June 4, 2020 at 6:26 am

    Love what you are creating here

    1. donah

      June 8, 2020 at 8:05 pm

      Love that you are able to enjoy it xx

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