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Join me virtually, from the comfort of your own home, for an online series. These easy and convenient classes can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

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Regular Classes

Our regular series of online classes combine pilates based movement to align and strengthen the body in a safe low-impact way. All our movements emphasize form and alignment and connect to the deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis and core muscles.

Classes are for all ages and life stages

Monthly subscription


Our pregnancy series offers you a selection of classes and tutorials to guide you through the trimesters of your pregnancy.

The classes are 100% safe for mom and baby, helping you stay connected to your changing body, improve posture and reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

Once-off purchase


The postnatal abdominal recovery series will teach you how to recruit your deepest core muscles and pelvic floor, assisting c-section and natural birth recovery and repairing diastasis recti (a common abdominal separation post pregnancy).

This series is beneficial for all moms – no matter the age of your child.

Once-off purchase

"I started in Donah’s classes 13 years ago with my first pregnancy and have never left!  The classes not only helped me with my strength and fitness but it has improved my core stability to the point where I no longer have the chronic back pain that I once did. “The Place for Women” is a wonderful environment to be able to focus on your body and to be able to give back to yourself!"
Dijon Watkins (biokineticist)

"The online classes feel like I am back in the studio but in the comfort of my own home - having the classes available to do anytime during the day has helped me keep movement in my day, bringing strength and breathing through the stress of Covid19.”
Sarah Will

“Movement and pilates with Donah was one of the highlights of my pregnancy and postnatal recovery.  The classes allowed me to focus on strengthening and relaxation knowing that it was safe for my baby - the core strength, stability and stretching helped me recover postpartum.”
Kim Drinkwater

"After the birth of my first son I experienced lower back pain due to me returning to running and not strengthening my core first. When I started with Donah in my second pregnancy, I could not believe that my back pain had gone and I felt so healthy and so much stronger this time around. I also felt an immense sense of calmness after every class yet in the same breath so stiff, knowing I had worked all the correct muscle groups. Truly remarkable classes by the very best out there, our Dons."
Sue King (Vitagirlsa)