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Building strength from within

Over time our mobility tends to decline;  our joints become stiffer and we lose some of our flexibility – but the more we can keep our muscles warm and flexible through stretching and stabilizing our body the more we can increase the blood and oxygen flow to our soft tissues – giving us a better range of motion and more flexible joints.

Movements we do in our regular series of classes that help to stabilise and balance the body:

The bridge lift

Your glutes (your bottom) are part of the muscle group that stabilizes the pelvis and your pelvic floor.  We tend to be very overdeveloped in the front body and underdeveloped in the back body. When you push your body up into your bridge lift using the heels of your feet you are strengthening up from your back body and strengthening your pelvic floor, which is a key part of your core.

Side-body leg lifts

The diamond or side-lying leg work targets our gluteus – strong glutes support your lower back and help us with our alignment, giving us a beautiful long spine and posture.

Lower abdominal (tummy) muscles

Our soft green core ball allows us to access our abdominals on a deeper level while still protecting our back, neck and spine. When working our adductors and inner thighs, you can use the ball to naturally connect to the pelvic floor that connects to our transverse abdominals and other deep abdominal muscles.

Stretching and breathing

Most of us are shallow breathers, drawing air from our neck and chest, instead of from our lower belly and diaphragm

By practicing breathwork in class, we learn to breathe from our belly, letting it fully expand and contract. Breath combined with stretching and strengthening gives our whole body balance – from the top of your head to the tips of our toes.

Postnatal abdominal recovery series
Deep belly breathing