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Body brushing & our lymphatic system

Dry body brushing

Body brushing is one of those practises you always hear about, maybe something you have tried or thought of trying!  I am sure you have seen many body brushes in various shops and never quite known what to do with it, but once you learn all about the benefits you will be popping one into your basket the next time you see one.

The many benefits you get from dry brushing starts with the stimulation of our lymphatic system in the body, which helps with immunity.  It helps detoxification, eliminates dead skin cells, reduces fluid retention, improves circulation and skin tone, reduces cellulite, improves lymph flow and helps to smooth, brighten and exfoliate our skin.

Here are the why and how to of this skin-reviving ritual….

Why we should dry body brush

Our skin is our largest organ of our body and 1/3 of our toxins are released through our skin.  Generally if there is something that is not correct inside our bodies it will show up on our skin – whether it’s a rash, breakout, bloating or cellulite.

Our lymphatic system is a complicated network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, glands and organs and touches almost every part of our body.  It’s main function is to cleanse toxins and protect our bodies from harmful invaders – it works by carrying our body’s waste away from the our tissues and into the bloodstream.  Once the toxins enter the bloodstream, they are purified through the largest lymphatic tissue in the body, the spleen (our main immune defence).

Keeping your lymphatic system functioning properly is directly related to the overall health of our body.  Unlike blood, our lymph does not have a pump and it relies on the relaxation and contraction of our muscles and joints to move it.

Lymphatic stimulation is a great way to help release toxins from our body and this can be done through dry body brushing, lymphatic massage, rebounding, gentle exercise and drinking plenty of water.

How do we dry body brush

Creating a habit is the first step in your dry brushing routine, this for me was the hardest part so I try dedicate at least one minute before my evening shower or bath  3 or 4 times per week (I usually use Monday, Wed, Sunday) and try fit in an extra day when I can. Once you start your dry brushing ritual you will wonder why you never started it earlier, first you will feel the benefits of the exfoliation on your skin and slowly your circulation and finally the dreaded cellulite!!!!

Always use an all-natural bristled brush or exfoliator and start with the ………


  • Always start at your feet and gently brush upwards towards your heart in long motions.  Brushing towards your heart helps aid lymphatic drainage (lymph flows through the body, towards your heart).  Brush gently over all the areas and sides of your legs.  (I usually spend most of my time on the back of my legs to help with cellulite and more circulation in this area)
  • Once you’ve brushed over your legs, move onto your bottom, hips and outer thigh – still using gentle brushing stokes.


  • The skin on our upper body always seems more sensitive so work more gently on these areas
  • Brush in circular strokes around your tummy and chest
  • Lastly, brush from your fingertips up towards your shoulders.  Your armpits hold lymph nodes too so don’t forget to dry brush there too.