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Deep abdominal connection

All our classes begin with a connection into your deep abdominal muscles – first by connecting the breath, using the muscles of respiration – our diaphragm – which then connects to the pelvic floor.

Before each movement your breath IN allows your diaphragm to move down and your pelvic floor to relax.

As you breathe OUT, you engage first from your pelvic floor up into your transverse abdominals (below your belly button) that wraps around your body like a corset to your spinal muscles – allowing you to connect all your deep core muscles, creating a stable and strong foundation during every movement you do in a mat series.

Your deep core muscles work together to give you a beautiful upright posture, alignment of your body and stability of your hips, spine and back.

In the regular class series you will learn about your “foundations of breath” – this class will remind you how to connect your breath and deep core muscles before every movement, once you have a deeper understanding of this connection you will feel the difference in your alignment, posture and stability of your body.