The Wellness Blog


The Wellness Blog for Women was created by Donah Rosser:  A women’s health practitioner, movement specialist, pilates instructor, tea lover, mom of boys & passionate health educator.

Donah has had the privilege of working in Women’s health and wellness for just over 20 years. Starting with her undergraduate degree in Movement Science in South Africa, she then furthered her studies and gained work experience over the next decade in the USA – Boston & Vermont, to the UK, Spain and France where she was privileged to work alongside great mentor’s and specialists in the field of Women’s Health. 

Since moving back to South Africa she opened up her own studio and offers an online selection of pilates based movement classes that have a holistic approach for women of all ages and life stages – from pregnancy, post-pregnancy and regular classes.

The Wellness Blog for Women was inspired by her approach to wellness from within.  She hopes that the blog will empower and educate women to live their best lives everyday – encouraging them to move and nourish their bodies in a way that is healing.

Her love of entertaining, whether it be with friends or family or hosting a cooking workshop led her to create categories on the blog called –  “At the table and “In the kitchen” where she shares these moments with you, celebrating seasonal living and encouraging us to get back in the kitchen around the table with those we love.

Over many years she has loved blending and creating herbal loose leaf teas that she would prepare and serve after every class at her studio and recently created a range of hand-crafted premium loose leaf tea blends.  Each and every herb and botanical chosen have been carefully selected based on their therapeutic benefits.  Combining actions the work synergistically together, enhancing their effects.  

Her full range of tea blends are now available on the blog and at various outlets throughout South Africa.

She hopes that this blog will empower every women that reads it to live their best lives every day…. enjoying their own journey of self discovery, health and wellness – from pregnancy to life as a women and becoming a mom.