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Our story

The Wellness Blend is a herbal tea hub that was started through the simple ritual of a cup of herbal tea and 25 years experience in women’s health. By combining the power of plants, scientific research, and a holistic approach our range of loose-leaf herbal blends and sparkling herbal tea’s have been created for specific women’s health needs.

Our loose-leaf herbal teas form the base of all our products and are hand-blended in small batches using whole herbal parts; including the leaves, fruit, seeds and flowers, ensuring they keep their quality characteristics and receive the least possible processing after their harvest.

Our blends are formulated to work synergistically to offer a range of benefits for your body and mind from digestion, menopause, sleep, skin health & hydration, post-pregnancy recovery, gut health and to help the body gently detox and rebalance.

Our sparkling herbal teas offer a refreshing and convenient on-the-go way to enjoy herbal tea. Our first in the range includes the added benefits of 4500mg collagen and vitamin c. Our natural sparkling drinks are brewed from real herbs and botanicals, with no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or added flavours. We have sourced the purest, most nutrient-dense adaptogenic herbs and nootropics to work for you and keep you radiant, nourished, hydrated, and thriving.

We believe that the wellness blend range forms part of your wellness journey; to awaken your body and mind & your curiosity and intuition and to make living well convenient and part of your life.

The wellness blog

Hi I am Dona’h Rosser, the founder of The Wellness Blend. Welcome to the wellness blog , a space I’ve created to share my experiences as a women’s health practitioner, movement specialist, tea lover, mom of boys and passionate health educator.
I have a deep passion for women’s health and have had the privilege of working with women globally for over 25 years, from the the USA – Boston & Vermont, to the UK, Spain and France before returning to South Africa. I have gained invaluable insights from their feedback and stories. These experiences have inspired me to create The Wellness Blend, making it a true reflection of women’s needs in the realm of women’s health.
My love for creating and sharing through workshops or on this blog, allows me to educate women about the healing power of herbs and botanicals, seasonal living, and tea blending.
I hope this blog will empower you to live your most balanced, healthy, and intuitive lives, while loving and honouring your journey through womanhood.
Donah xx