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The Wellness Blog for Women was created by Donah Rosser:  A women’s health practitioner, movement specialist, pilates instructor, tea lover, mom of boys & passionate health educator.

Donah’s journey in wellness started over 20 years ago with her undergraduate degree in Movement Science at the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.  Furthering her studies and gaining work experience she spent the next decade in the USA – Boston & Vermont, to the UK, Spain and France where she was privileged to work alongside great mentor’s and specialists in the field of Women’s Health. 

Since moving back to South Africa she has opened up her own studio called “The Place for Women” and offers an online selection of pilates based movement classes that have a holistic approach for women of all ages and life stages.

The Wellness Blog was inspired by her approach to wellness from within – starting with the quality of the breath, ease of movement, proper alignment and how we nourish our bodies from within.

Her love of entertaining, whether it be with friends or family or hosting a cooking workshop led her to create categories on the blog called –  “At the table” and “In the kitchen” where she shares these moments with you celebrating seasonal living and encouraging us to get back in the kitchen around the table with those we love.

She hopes that this blog will empower and educate women to live their best lives every day…. enjoying their own journey of self discovery, health and wellness.



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